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    Apologies for English (I didn't find rule about language)

    Z9S HDMI in Issue (solved)

    I have had an X9s for many years and it works well. I use it often for HDMI

    recording. It is connected via an HDMI splitter to a Sky box, with the X9S

    HDMI output connected to my venerable TV, a Sharp LC-37X20E model. It has

    worked flawlessly.

    I recently upgraded to a Z9S, just replacing the Zidoo and its power unit,

    everything else unchanged. I soon found a problem - it would adopt one of

    four symptoms, seemingly at random. Either a good recording, or a loss of

    sound part way through, or a completely garbled sound plus a very jerky

    picture in the mini window or a complete crash to a dark green screen

    followed by a reboot.

    I tried all the settings I could find for both picture and sound, I copied

    down all the X9S settings and applied those, tried a full factory reset,

    checked on latest firmware but nothing fixed the problems.

    Further investigation revealed that the trigger for the problems was

    changing the input selector on the TV and it was OK after selecting away

    from the Zidoo, the problems occurred at the moment of going back to the

    Zidoo. I retried the advanced settings for HDMI but still no change. I tried

    a different TV and no problems occurred.

    Redoubling my efforts I eventually found that disabling the picture EDID,

    it's under quick settings, display then turn on "Ignore EDID". I dont

    think the X9S has this setting.

    Hope this helps somebody, just as this site helped me with Miracast problem.


    A million thanks, it works !!!

    I am very very gratefull.

    A very small apk, 276kb, but fixed a big big problem for me.

    (I think my 1st try with the linķ a week ago did not work as I was using Google translate to read the postings, but copying the link address worked. You have not just compltetly solved my problem but also helped me learn about Google translate and Left.)

    A true star. Thanks.