FW 2.3.45 z9s z10 z1000 UHD2000 x20/pro

  • ZIDOO_UHD2000



    MD5: F2E6354BF7D1A8A786F6A3D0EF2A07DC




    MD5: FCEE82FB6FD76EB810521020B12E6E09




    MD5: 6804E295513CD6268579892285D3EEB9




    MD5: 4BAD266F8151E29D2E3C40CA1D4EA838




    MD5: 8686AD441B6BD7BF0DE3476817079BCF




    MD5: AEA82817A9789DEA2EB4C623C5840503

    Change logs:


    1. Add UPNP video playback function

    2. Added the function of adjusting the audio offset using the up and down keys on the remote control.

    3. Optimize built-in text subtitle setting.

    4. Optimize bookmark playback function.

    5. Optimize the subtitle download function.

    7. Added ASS subtitle brightness setting

    8. Fixed the problem that song occasionally could not be played when switching to the next through the phone

    9. Added the default function of the first audio track

    10. Add some color settings for srt subtitles.

    11. Added MKV chapter information display

    12. Add Sony CEC playback function keys


    1. Optimize the display of movie information.

    2. Optimize bookmark playback function.

    3. Add some color settings for srt subtitles.

    Home Theater

    1. Optimize automatic scanning function.

    2. Optimize the function of editing posters on the PC.

    3. Added multiple video format icons in the detailed interface.

    4. Fix the problem that the detail screen did not refresh after data update

    5. Optimize search function.

    6. Optimize interface display.

    7. Optimize NFO analysis.

    8. Optimize part of the UI.

    9. Optimize the problem that posters cannot be displayed occasionally

    10. Fix the problem that setting data cannot be restored when retstoring data

    11. Optimize some interface

    12. Optimize the poster saving catalog

    13. Optimize the problem of occasional crash problem when scaning

    14. Fix the problem of devices offline occasionally

    15. NFO added Clear Logo support

    16. Optimized the focus control of the device list

    17. Optimized the UI display of poster details

    18. Fixed the problem of abnormal data if the NFO file already exists when exporting NFO

    19. Added more data information of NFO files, such as trailers, directors, actors, etc.

    20. Optimized the loading speed of poster images

    21. Fixed the problem of unsuccessful loading of poster pictures occasionally

    22. Optimized native poster image loading function

    23. Optimized data restore function

    24. Added TV page selection function for series.

    25. Fixed the problem of incorrect display of watch history

    26. Fixed the problem that Blu-ray navigation can not be selected caused by the child lock

    27. Optimized TVDB synchronizationdata of TVDB series

    28.Optimized TV series poster title display

    File manager

    1. Increase UPNP function

    2. Optimize NAS boot and mount speed

    3. Optimize UI display

    4.Fixed the problem of incorrect playback record.

    Picture manager

    1. Increase network picture display

    2. Add UPNP picture slideshow

    3. Fix the problem that the system music does not stop when slideshow

    4.Added global folder name exclusion

    5.Added slide pause function by pressing OK

    6. Added the switch to scan hidden files

    7.Optimized display UI

    8. Added the function of pressing the information button to display picture information

    9. Added the function of page turning button

    Quick Setting

    1. Add remote control up and down key multi-function setting.

    2. Increase the time setting of the bookmark function.

    3. Added player bookmark settings

    4. Added the default setting for the first track

    Mobile APP (scan the QR code of the machine to download and update)

    1. Fix the problem that the music search page cannot play music.

    2. File manager adds UPNP function.

    3. Optimize some UI.

    4. Optimize music favourite function.

    5. Added music play-list mode.

  • Auch bei meinem UHD2000 lief das Update problemlos durch. Ich habe mal das (bekannt umfangreiche) Change Log gegen das der .35er-FW gelegt. Es ist tatsächlich so, dass die beiden CLs nichts gemein haben. Somit sind alle Einträge des CL tatsächlich neue Punkte und nicht etwa (wie von mir zuvor vermutet) die Liste aller bisherigen FW-Updates...

    Mediaplayer: Zidoo UHD2000 mit Firmware: 2.3.45 (Beta) und Android 7.1.1

    4k-HDMI-Repeater: XCSource AH131

    TV: LG 65C9 (Wohnzimmer/Heimkino), LG 48CX (Esszimmer, mit Soundbar Sonos Beam)

    AV-Receiver: Denon AVC-X6700H

    Lautsprecher: 2 x Elac FS 409, 2 x Elac FS 407, 1 x Elac CC 400, 4 x Elac TS 3030 in 5.4.1-Dolby-Atmos-Konfiguration

    Spielekonsole: Microsoft Xbox One X

    NAS: Asustor AS606T, 6x6 TB in RAID-5-Konfiguration

    (Signatur aktualisiert am 16.02.2021)