Zidoo X8 - Firmware 1.2.7. released !

  • Moin Zusammen,

    Zidoo hat dann nun auch für den X8 eine neue Firmware rausgehaun.

    Hier die Change Log :

    1,A download tool aria2 added in OpenWrt system.
    2,The brightness of VFD can be adjusted now in the setting of system.VFD stands for vacuum fluorescent display which is in the front panel.
    3,3D library of skia been improved,subsequently scores of Antutu exceed 40000.
    4,Green screen appears occasionally when play 3D movie, this issue has been fixed.
    5,RAW out of sync when play some TrueHD and DTSHD HRA movies, this issue has been fixed.
    6,After HDR playback exit,HDR status don't back to normal status, this issue has been fixed.
    7,The setting of Force downmix audio can't be saved after restart the box,this issue has been fixed.
    8,Optimized audio option.If the settings is RAW and playing AAC audio,The audio output will be temporarily auto changed to PCM
    9,Enable the statusbar

    1,More tips added in the desktop interface.
    2,The mouse cursor style changed into a better one.

    1,The offset of subtitle will only valid for once.
    2,AutoFrameswitch added 30fps and 60fps.
    3,If the movie is paused,press the menu key will not resume the playback.
    4,When searching the subtitles,the system will make it a priority to search the subtitles in default subtitle language setted in system advanced settings.The lower priority is system language.The lowest is English.
    5,Removed Force SD audio setting.
    6,Removed the auto-identify of MKV's MVC.(We now rewriting this part)
    7,Bookmarking function is open as default.
    8,Press OK to play from the beginning when resuming playback from bookmark.
    9,3D playback tips added.

    1,Immediately sync after copy or delete.
    2,A button to return to top added.
    3,A wrong error report when add&remove the directory in Russian language fixed.

    Und hier dann die mal drücken für den Download.



    Gruss Lony

    Gruss Lony

    Mediaplayer: ZIDOO Z1000Pro, ZIDOO Z9x, ZIDOO X9s, UGOOS AM6 Plus, VERO 4K+, Nvidia Shield TV Pro

    TV :Sony KD-75XD9405, LG 49SM8500PLA

    SAT-Receiver: Vu+ Uno 4K SE mit VTi 14.0.5

    AVR Denon X3600H

    SOUNDSYSTEM :Teufel System 6 THX 5.2.2

    NAS: (Synology) DS112+ -1 x 2TB WD Green, DS414J - 4 x 4TB WD RED, DS415+ - 4 x 3TB WD RED, DS216Play - 2 x 2TB WD RED

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