[Tool] New Auto Mount Multimedia shared folder EASY version ( Himedia V200 pro )

  • Auto Mount Multimedia sharedvfolder as local folder without root:

    First, thanks to pcristi!

    why need this script?

    • media wrapper not work with shared folder with password: "(please note if you use XBMC / KODI to play files from S M B network, the S M B network shouldhave no User ID and Password)".
    • lot of android APPS (video o audio player) work only with local file (internal store, sdcard, USB, ecc), usually apps is development for phone or tablet not for box.
    • can be use other media center instead KODI like: Mizuu or mVideoPlayer ....
    • i ask himedia Tools /APPS like this .... waiting answer ... without hope

    The script is for beginner user.


    Himedia Q10 Pro: work

    step 0:
    - Backup kodi (db, fan art, ecc)
    If there is some problem, can be fixed easy with flash last firmware.

    step 1:
    - Download Notepad ++ (Your text editor must support UNIX line ends (LF only, not CR + LF = CRLF) , NOT use Windows Notepad it only Creates Windows line ends (CRLF).
    - Install Notepad ++

    Step 2:
    - Downoad zip Auto_Mount_Multimedia_2 _Q10_pro
    - Unzip Auto_Mount_Multimedia.rar

    Step 3:
    - NOT edit install-recovery.sh!
    - edit ONLY file "smb.txt" ONLY with Notepad ++ on Windows PC
    - Make sure you click on "Edit -> EOL Conversion -> UNIX / OSX format" like in this picture .

    every shared folder need a linetype "separated values" by vertical bar ( | ), like this

    Replace with:
    IP_NAS ( YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY ) = ip adress of your NAS/Sever Esample, ecc
    share_path = path and shared folder , Esample: share/film
    username = username, esample: admin
    password = password, esample 1234
    mount_path = shared folder name from your NAS/Sever Esample: share, video ecc

    like this:

    [Blockierte Grafik: http://s32.postimg.org/pz4l0j3wh/Immagine_2.jpg]

    Step 4:
    - Run file RUN_ME.bat, batch script copyFile ad reboot himedia box
    - After Q10 Rebbot and after 60 second you see new local folder "mounted" with LAN sharedfolder

    Mount point is /mnt/sdcard/smb because a user with few samba is show ugly 15-20 share folder in one place,so it will like this: /mnt/sdcard/smb/


    Now everytime you power-on Q5 you sharedfolder fromyour NAS/Server like local.
    Now kodi can open files without trouble

    kodi setting
    open kodi add folder with "External storage" you found new folder

    not DELETE local folder XXXX on Himedia device on SDcard
    or you loss all your file on net share folder!


    i start from this post
    App Startup / Auto mount network drive after power for quad core devices

    and i use script like root

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