Zidoo firmware Eweat R9 Plus

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  • Zidoo firmware Eweat R9 Plus

    Zidoo firmware for Eweat R9 Plus 99% credit to noLive (4pda.ru)


    VFD is not working properly (probably more bugs)

    Partial solution
    Rename Root Total Commander Replace system \ priv-app \ RealtekSettings.apk RealtekSettings.apkEW

    Reboot Brightness LED then configure back to original RealtekSettings.apk
  • Und das ganze dann natürlich


    immerhin ist es ein Crossflash !!

    Danke Lony
    Mediaplayer: ZIDOO Z1000, ZIDOO X9s, EWEAT R9_Plus, Himedia Q10-Pro
    TV :Sony KD-75XD9405, SONY KDL 52LX905
    SAT-Receiver: Vu+ Uno 4K SE mit VTi 13.0.10
    AVR Denon X4200W
    SOUNDSYSTEM :Teufel System 6 THX 5.2.2
    NAS: (Synology) DS112+ -1 x 2TB WD Green, DS414J - 4 x 4TB WD RED, DS415+ - 4 x 3TB WD RED
    , DS216Play - 2 x 2TB WD RED
  • Custom firmware for Eweat R11/R9Plus base on Zidoo X9s v2.1.30

    Thanks to:
    - @noLive for his work on Zidoo X9s firmware port for LAKE-I box
    - @Android_Me for open that topic share his work, helps with fixing things and tool to repack install.img
    - Eweat for great mediaplayer box
    - Zidoo for great support of Zidoo device and rely good firmware implementations
    - everyone witch make this possible for use on our box.

    Download from mediafire

    Good to know vs Zidoo X9s firmware:
    - NFS not support on MediaCenter/HT2.0/ZDMC/XBMCKodi Wrapper/etc.
    (Recommended to use SMB as NFS is not implemented on Eweat kernel)
    - Zidoo Videoplay/BlurayNavigation form Zidoo X9s v2.0.34
    - Zidoo wizard removed
    - Zidoo quick settings VFD not working
    - Add RealtekSettings to get access to VFD dim/XMOS audio/etc.
    - Lite changes for Eweat Launcher & ZIUI Cool Launcher
    - RealtekSoftwareUpdater for how know for what can use
    - Never update to original Zidoo firmware if OTA will popup to do that.
    Preinstall some apps
    - HibyMusic TV, YouTube
    - Total Commander, OnkeyRoot.
    Support of that CFW will be very limited, feedback are welcome.


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