Kodi v18 Leia RC5 veröffentlicht

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  • Kodi v18 Leia RC5 veröffentlicht


    ..ich werde welk, von wegen finaler Endspurt, jetzt ist sogar noch ein fünfter Release Candidate veröffentlicht worden.

    Das soll jetzt aber definitiv der letzte RC sein....

    Zitat Kodi:
    As mentioned in the RC4 release article, a final release was close on the horizon. To that end we hereby present you the last Release Candate (RC5) before we call it a wrap on v18.0. It will not be absolutely perfect but we have to go forward at some point. Don't worry as we will of course continue working on fixing any issue that might surface in the regeular v18 point releases afterwards.
    Changes in RC5
    Most notable changes to mention in this Release Candidate:
    • Correctly redact user/password in certain cases
    • Fix window transparency on Android that might cause grey bars on HDR playback
    • Prevent crash when resuming audiobook when there's no chapter present
    • Fix crash&burn by ensuring that Abort of ScriptObserver waits for thread exit
    • Fix regression from RC4 regarding "don't disable gui rendering when losing focus" on OSX
    • Workaround double switching of refreshrate because we currently cannot reliably distinguish between 25p and 50i or 29.97p and 60i on playback start
    • Fix missing All Albums item from music library
    • Revert change that cause sorting of ANSII characters in library (proper fix will have to be done in v19)
    • Fix crash on certain language characters when using PVR add-ons
    • Fix crash on Windows with DVD playback after change in ffmpeg
    • Fix compatibility with older MySQL databases
    Of course there are several more changes which are listed on our github repository found here: RC5 changes.
    Currently included
    The past RC1 and RC2 release articles include the most notable changes we have done in v18. There are of course many smaller changes and improvements that we can't even remember. I guess you will just have to try and find out eventually. For a more extensive list you can visit our wiki page v18 (Leia) changelog which will be update along the way. From now on all v18 releases will not contain any big new features as we are focussed on bug fixing or improvements only.
    Make sure to also go through our news sections which contain all past announcements regarding the Leia release and some highlights of what it will contain.

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    Irgendwie kommen die auch nicht zum Schluss, na mal schaun wann es dann zur Final kommt ;)

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